Why we create

I believe there must always be a reason why an object is made. 

cristian zuzunaga creating

Crafting objects by hand is very important to us, it connects us to our roots and traditions.

original artwork created by Cristian Zuzunaga

Each Zuzunaga product starts its life as an original print that I create using letterpress or printing by hand.

From that initial print, I translate the artwork onto the chosen material, often textiles.

Some of our collections are what I describe as analogue - made by hand, and others created using digital technology.

I am fascinated by how analogue and digital processes connect.

We undoubtedly need them both but there must always be a human at the centre of it all.  

Integrate manual room by zuzunaga

Integrate is one of our analogue collections, created in collaboration with Teixidors using a manual loom.

The traditional wooden loom is operated by an extraordinarily skilled craftsperson who transforms the multi-coloured merino wool threads into a piece of art, full of nuances that reflect the individuality of each weaver.

Finally, we use a washing process that brings out the natural properties of the wool.

The finished piece is a unique throw of incredible quality that will last many years. Such as the Thinking Red 100% Merino Wool Handwoven Throw and others in that collection.

Zuzunaga Integrate throws being created by a member of the Teixidors* team.

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*Teixidors are a social entity striving for social integration and economic independence for people with learning difficulties that produce exceptionally creative, unique textiles using hand looms.