Carefully Chosen

maintaining the ethics and values of the brand

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, Cristian Zuzunaga has collaborated with many international brands, institutions, galleries and media platforms, carefully choosing partners with a coherence to his ethos and personal development, including quality relationships, historical context, local production and methods which are environmentally sensitive. 

Our latest collaborations


TWINS Artists is a project that began in 1992 and highlights Camper's relationship with the worlds of art, design and fashion. Each creative colaboration offers an added dimension to the opposite-yet-complementary concept by developing unconventional designs that fuse an artist's signature look with an unmistakable Camper.


Based on the work of color decomposition through the pixel, I now capture the same vision in these two models of carpet, hand-knotted wool, one in vibrant colors, another in slower tones. In both cases the starting point is the photographic super-expansion, giving a digital and technological aspect to the pieces.

BD Barcelona

Dreams Cabinet is a collaboration between BD Barcelona and Cristian Zuzunaga. An atypical designer with a graphic art profile having a language of it’s own, the key being the pixel which has given him fame and international recognition. He has said that his style is fruit to a dream he had, which is precisely the name given to this piece: Dreams.