The INCA Series was inspired by Cristian Zuzunaga’s last trip to Peru

Inca Collection Cristian Zuzunaga

It all started with a visit to Cuzco and Macchu Picchu where he was taken by the precision and detail of the constructions.
It remains elusive as to how the formations were created and this has always intrigued Zuzunaga.

Returning to Europe, a series of hand made prints were developed using a 1950’s FAG proofing press machine. Zuzunaga selected the strongest one and developed a range using an Offset printing press. A range of these prints will be available
 for sale as limited editions of 65 copies. Framed as 65 x 65 cm format, numbered and signed. These unique prints went on to form the basis of the INCA series which is now introduced to a range of furniture products.