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About Zuzunaga

Zuzunaga creates timeless, non-gender specific and sustainable home and fashion accessories that lie at the crosswords of art and design.

At their visual core, they are inspired on the pixel, and each one of our designs is based on an artwork hand-created by Cristian Zuzunaga.

Our design process includes not just the translation of art, colour, tradition and material into a finished product, but follows a philosophical process that imbues our products with meaning.

"Colour is at the heart of everything we do, and we use it to positively affect human emotion."




Individuate Pixel A5 Notebook Individuate Bitmap Booklet Individuate Sketchbook Individuate Dailybook Individuate Notebook

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Individuate Collection

Zero Waste is a unique collection with three sub-categories; Integrate, Pixel and Bitmap. As a brand that always strives to use sustainably sourced materials, Zuzunaga prioritises its status as an ethical business and aims to impact the world in a positive way

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