Individuate Bitmap Booklet
Individuate Bitmap Booklet
Individuate Bitmap Booklet
Individuate Bitmap Booklet

Individuate Bitmap Booklet

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Individuate Bitmap Booklet is part of the Bitmap Collection.

Where your book comes from

These small, square booklets are made using the sample materials that we send to architect and interior design firms. The motif is a Bitmap and its scale is 1:8 from the original artwork, which measures ±130 x 240cm long. Each booklet measures 11 x 11cm and has different colour options for its cover; blue, red, yellow, green and black.

The fabric is the same that we use for our Pixel cushion collection, a Trevira CS fabric that is digitally printed in Denmark by Kvadrat. There are two paper stock options; plain recycled 100gsm paper pages or coloured Popset 80gsm coloured paper pages. We decided to transform this fabric into books, to repurpose this precious and unique fabric and breathe life into what would be a redundant material. 

The printed fabric samples are collected and sent to Terrassa where El Taller del Llibre individually craft each book by hand. It is a skilled and time-consuming process. The binding of such small booklets is incredibly intricate work and it requires precision, an eye for detail and a lot of patience. Each booklet has small differences, ensuring each creation is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

About Individuate

The Individuate project is dedicated to Graham Horwood and C.G.Jung. According to C. G. Jung, the functions of consciousness relate to the ways in which the conscious mind apprehends reality. ‘Sensation’ tells one that something exists. ‘Thinking’ informs one of what it is. ‘Feeling’ guides us emotionally, and helps us to decide whether something is good or bad, and ‘Intuition’ helps us to speculate upon its origin, as well as its past and future use.

Our books are gifts; the gift of time. They are a place of virtual inspiration to breathe life back into yourself, your mind and your relationship with the world around you. Striving always for projection instead of introspection, these books are an oasis or a time and space for our minds.

Our books enable you to organise your mind, to draw, to dream and to write. These creative endeavours will help you to embark on an inner journey which will, in turn, manifest as your present reality.

Produced: Made in Spain


Covers: 100% Trevira CS Fabric, printed in Denmark by Kvadrat for Zuzunaga

Paper: Handmade paper

Size: 11 x 11cm