Individuate Sketchbook
Individuate Sketchbook
Individuate Sketchbook
Individuate Sketchbook

Individuate Sketchbook

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Individuate Sketchbook is part of the Integrate Time and Space Collection.

Where your book comes from

These one-of-a-kind books came to life following the creation of hand-woven blankets and cushions that were designed by Zuzunaga and produced by Teixidors. The production of these blankets and cushions creates leftover material, which is usually discarded. We decided to repurpose this fabric and make beautiful books; breathing new life into the remnants of past creations.

We chose to make books because of how they represent rejuvenation of the mind and the rebirth of new ideas. Books signify new life, offering purpose and meaning to whoever’s holds them.

The aim is not to make a profit but to add value to what Zuzunaga strives to achieve: to give life to the objects, ideas and emotions that are usually discarded or deemed to hold little value.

About your book

Each book is part of a collection of four: Notebook, Diarybook, Sketchbook and Dreambook. Each tome relates directly to one of the four functions of consciousness: thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition.

According to C. G. Jung, the functions of consciousness relate to the ways in which the conscious mind apprehends reality. ‘Sensation’ tells one that something exists. ‘Thinking’ informs one of what it is. ‘Feeling’ guides us emotionally, and helps us to decide whether something is good or bad, and ‘Intuition’ helps us to speculate upon its origin, as well as its past and future use.

How to use your book

Our books are gifts; the gift of time. They are a place of virtual inspiration to breathe life back into yourself, your mind and your relationship with the world around you. Our books enable you to organise your mind, to draw, to dream and to write. These creative endeavours will help you to embark on an inner journey which will, in turn, manifest as your present reality.

Produced: Made in Spain


Covers: 100% Merino Wool

Paper: Handmade paper

Size: 14.5 x 19.5cm