Pixel collection

Pixel Philosophy

We believe the pixel is the icon of our times, and we explore the ways in which this shape —the square— connects us and brings us together. The pixel is our inspiration, and we play with how it can be used to convey meaning and emotion. Though the square is often used in futuristic designs, the shape is archetypal, as old as it is fundamental. We work to combine this modern-day icon with ancient ideas of being.

Our exclusive, contemporary design

We develop exclusive designs, so that those who use them feel unique. Our creations not only bear the signature of their designer, Cristian Zuzunaga, but, technology permitting, we also prioritize the development of one-of-a-kind pieces. One main example is our line of pixel cushions, the cloth of which is cut to ensure that each cushion is different.  We see ourselves as contemporary, because we design in accordance with, and for, our surroundings by combining the traditional with the modern, the analogue with the digital.

Pixel Fire Sofa

Pixel Sol Cushion

Pixel Spirit Cushion

 Multicolour Dreams cabinet is the result of the collaboration between Cristian Zuzunaga and BD Barcelona Design