Zuzunaga returns to its origins by opening a showroom in Lima, Peru

Carlos and Monica at the new showroom of Zuzunaga in Lima, Peru

Last November 2020, the new Zuzunaga showroom was opened in Lima, a project led by Mónica De la Villa and Carlos Zuzunaga. Friendship and family ties unite these entrepreneurs with Cristian Zuzunaga fulfilling a new personal and professional milestone in his intimate relationship with Peru.

Born of a Catalan mother and Peruvian father, Cristian began to take regular trips to his father's country 15 years ago, at the same time he was formulating the project and the Zuzunaga brand.

Following a trip in 2015 to Cuzco and Machu Picchu and captivated by the precision and detail of the architecture, he found in these heritage treasures a strong connection with his work and a new source of inspiration that was translated into the Inca collection, which includes furniture, rugs and cushions.

For the first time, the work drew consciously and directly from the colour and fabric of his heritage which had lain dormant until now.

Both entrepreneurs agree that Zuzunaga offers the possibility of complementing the current offer by bringing art and design closer to more people. Again, Zuzunaga's proposal finds its perfect audience, not only for their decorative and functional role, but also because they blend with a lifestyle and vision of the self.