Cristian Zuzunaga – Textiles

Is a designer an artist? Can an artist design? Can a utilitarian object be an art object? The questions are many and the answers varied.

Cristian Zuzunaga Textiles

I don't understand when the "experts" or "scholars" started cataloging.

Who gave them the power to determine in which box each of these professions and their results should go?

Today a large part of artists or their foundations develop merchandising to bring art closer to people and logically to generate extra income, which is very lucrative.

Can we still call these articles art? Or is it just a product?

The answer is simple. The reproduction of a work of art, in the world of art remains a work of art. This is a closed issue with Warhol and his factory.

So, for you, what you see today in this exhibition is art or design?

Art if it was made by an artist or design if it was conceived by a designer. In the case of our exponent Cristian Zuzunaga (1978) born in Catalonia, of a Catalan mother, a Peruvian father. We will have to join two disciplines "artist designer", since he has studied both of them in depth.

We at qiiip love this hybrid and have no interest in cataloging it. This will be your topic, not ours.

We love the work of the London based. Zuzunaga brand, his company, is for us much more than just a product, in fact they do not sell a blanket, cushion or accessory, but rather a piece of art that can be used or just admired.

I, as the curator of this humble exhibition (their catalog is truly incredible), have several pieces that my son and girlfriend “can't wear”. For example, I have a cushion from the collection - squaring of the circle-, a Spirit piece, which they are prohibited from using, they can only see it.

Since its beauty and its fabric–made and printed by Kvadrat–make it unique, what's more, I highlight that no cushion is the same as another. This makes these cushions a unique and exclusive piece that no one else will ever have.

Zuzunaga investigates the micro, the invisible, to maximize it and make it something powerful.

His work on pixels derives from extensive research that started from his studies in biology, which did not last long, but gave rise to his double profession. His work decomposes images and then compose them according to his concept as a designer.

Cristian says “Each pixel connects with its environment, simply while we connect with ours”

We invite you not to look at this exhibition, but to observe it in detail and discover the world in each exposed textile.


Juan Pablo Fuentes

Curator the qiiip lab

Creative Director qiiip