Zuzunaga and Colectivo Shipibas Muralistas

We are thrilled to announce that the results of our latest collaboration with the Colectivo Shipibas Muralistas–with whom Cristian Zuzunaga collaborated by financing a mural–has been selected for sale at the annual MALI auction. (Museum of Art of Lima)

colectivo shipibas muralistas last zuzunaga collaboration

After the collaboration with the Shipibas to complete the mural in Barranco, Zuzunaga donated one of his signature bedspreads, which the Shipibas customised by hand embroidery, using some of their iconic shapes to augment the timeless design.

bedspreads, which the Shipibas customised by hand embroidery
The final piece was donated to MALI and it will be auctioned on the 19th of June 2021.
Collaboration background:
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, in 2020, Cristian became familiar with the work of the women of the Colectivo Shipibas Muralistas from the Community of Cantagallo, Lima.
Together, they decided to engage in a collaborative project where the Shipibas’ Kené designs are central to the piece.
mural construction
The interest of the Collective was directed towards one of the bedspread covers designed by Zuzunaga. The inspiration behind the bedspread’s pattern is about contact and communication between cultures.
The bedspread is machine-woven with the double yarn technique that generates a volumetric pattern.The Shipibas chose the purple colourway because for the artists of the Collective, the intense purple colour is a symbol of their own courage.

final bedspread by zuzunaga
Product Information:
  • Year of collaboration: 2020
  • Bedspread design: Cristian Zuzunaga.
  • Customisation by Colectivo Shipibas Muralistas: Rosa Magin, Milka Franco, Fidelia Franco, Karin Cairuna, Lucía Flores, Nimia García and Zoila Mainas. Community of Cantagallo, Lima.
  • Technique: Hand embroidery
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Size: 235 x 245cm
  • Edition: One-off piece
Special thanks to:
  • Francesco D’Angelo (Anthropologist and manager of the Colectivo Shipibas Muralistas).
  • Carlos Zuzunaga and Mónica De la Villa
  • MALI