Camper Twins: Artistic Spirit Boots

TWINS Artists is a project that began in 1992 and highlights Camper’s relationship with the worlds of art, design and fashion. Each creative colaboration offers an added dimension to the opposite-yet-complementary concept by developing unconventional designs that fuse an artist’s signature look with an unmistakable Camper.

 For Camper’s latest collaboration, multidisciplinary artist and desiner Cristian Zuzunaga reimagines the brand’s iconic Runner for a special TWINS Artists full of creativity and colour.

 “ I really like its comfort and its sportu yet urban vibe. I worked on two models, one for men and one for women, with a special print that represents the relationship between the analog and the digital. The original is a bitmap taken from a photo of mine which was then printed with a letterpress printing machine from the 1950s. I alos worked on refining the colours and composition–blue being the predominate color of one foot while orange/red is prevalent on the other. Overall, I wanted the colours to be bright, striking and modern.”

Camper Twins Collaboration Promo Image

Cristian Zuzunaga Promo Image Camper Twins Blue


Twins by Zuzunaga launch party

Twins’ collaboration with Zuzunaga was launched in Madrid, at one of Camper’s most emblematic stores.

Camper Twins Party Launch with designer Cristian Zuzunaga

Camper Twins Party Launch with designer Cristian Zuzunaga with people