Zoom Out 1

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Zoom Out 1 throw is a further exploration of our Bitmap collection. The original print is inspired by the Op Art movement and is a tribute to English painter Bridget Riley, one of the main exponents of Op Art.

If you would distance yourself from the print (zoom out), there are optical illusions, which, happen naturally, and these produce sensations of movement or colour and can appear 3D, thus deceiving your senses. These illusions are due to the distance between lines, the relationship between colours and the pattern created by them.

On the other hand, if you would come closer and closer to the print (zoom in), your eyes receive other kinds of information: one starts to appreciate colour, texture, yarn composition and manufacturing technique.

Material:100% Extra Fine Italian Merino Wool

Size: 140 x 180cm

Shipping and Delivery: Fee Starts from: 25€

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