This is not a sofa

This is a celebration of our genesis, of the foundations upon which Zuzunaga is built. It is a canvas for Cristian Zuzunaga’s artistic expression.
It is a unique piece of design that allows you to assert your individual style.
It is our manifesto, a love-letter to the pixel – the icon of our time.
Pixel Glow Sofa
Pixel Luna Sofa
Pixel Pixellated Sofa
Pixel Albedo Sofa

In 2008, a collaboration with Moroso UK and Kvadrat to design a limited edition sofa propelled Zuzunaga onto the world stage. The now iconic piece was developed from Cristian’s early exploration of the pixel, the means by which he breaks down and takes in the world that surrounds him, from the micro to the macro. Since then, the pixel has served as the building block of his philosophy as a creative artist.
In reality, this sofa, of which only a few were ever made, was not just a sofa. It was a canvas, a conduit for Cristian’s artistic expression. Upholstery being one of the many ways his prints can be applied.
Eight years later, we are delighted to launch our first collection of sofas, made in Barcelona with fabrics printed by Kvadrat in Denmark. Each design is unique, no two sofas will ever look exactly the same.
An intrinsic element to Cristian’s work is his belief in the way that colour can positively affect human emotion. As a result, the covers are removable, allowing you to change the look of your sofa to reflect your mood and your individual style.