Squares cushion

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ICFF Awards 2012, 1st prize Textile category

Squares cushion is part of Integrate: Time and Space collection. This cushion is handwoven using 100% merino wool.

Squares & Dark Squares textiles are derived from Zuzunaga basics, the square and colour. In the design of these blankets, the various squares overlap, giving rise to dozens of different colours. What is the secret behind this result?

Understanding how colours react to colours and accepting chance as part of the process, knowing that if you change one thread, you change the entire textile. In Squares, the result is a colourful, springlike blanket. Dark Squares is the winterlike option. Oddly, it features black, something that is new for Zuzunaga and that makes it easier to unite and interrelate the various colours.

The wool’s production process is traced from the farmer to the cleaner, securing a top quality raw material that, with just the right amount of washing, offers maximum warmth and naturally repels dirt. Dry clean-care is highly recommended. Inner pad is included in all deliveries.

Made in Spain by Teixidors.

Material: Cover is 100% Merino Wool and inner is 50% duck feathers 50% ball fibers.

Size: 50 x 50 cm

Shipping and Delivery: Fee Starts from: 25€

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