Inca Mirror

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Inca Mirror is part of the Analogue Inca Collection, a series inspired by Cristian Zuzunaga´s trip to Peru in late 2015 where he was taken by the precision and detail of the monuments at Cuzco and Macchu Picchu.
Inca mirrors& are handmade using an ancient technique. Each motif or pattern comes from zooming into the original Inca print. The mirror is 0.5cm deep, whilst hanging from a metal device that is 3cm deep, allowing the mirror to be suspended from the wall. Handmade in Barcelona.

Material: 100% Glass

Size: W 60cm, H 60cm, D 0.5cm Weight: 5 kg

Shipping: EX-Works Some customs charges may apply. Prior to the order please contact us to Carton, recycled, protective foam and plastic packaging.

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