White on Black Dreams

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White on Black Dreams cabinet is the result of the collaboration between Cristian Zuzunaga and BD Barcelona Design.  

The cabinet is presented in three versions: multicolour, black on white and white on black which are all additions to the collection of BD’s “cabinets”. A typology of furniture that was lost toward the end of the last century and which in the last few years, has been recuperated with the same function as always: to be a container, but differentiated in character. They convert into sculptures for the lounge area of a home, or the foyer of a hotel. Container, front and drawers made ​​in DM fiber board in different thickness and lacquered in black colour. Upper, frontal and sided tops are made from printed 6mm tempered glass. Solid hague legs. Available in two sizes: 2 meters and 3 meters long. *Interior drawers which sold separately; are provided with interior extraction guides cushioned up to 30 kg.

Material: Printed 6mm tempered glass. DM fiber board for containers and drawers. Solid hague legs.  

Sizes: 2 mts ( L 201 x W 51 x  H 67 cm) and 3 mts ( L 301 x W 51 x H 67 cm)
Terms: Made by order. Please contact info@zuzunaga.com

Delivery terms: 6-8 weeks. Ex works.