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Citywalker  collection

Citywalker espadrilles originated in the Pyrenees in the 14th century. Today, all around the world, this humble shoe embodies the spirit of wander and serendipitous discovery. The Citywalker collection is inspired by the architecture of cities like London, New York, Shanghai and Barcelona. Its name derives from an old Chinese sage who upon seeing Cristian Zuzunaga wandering the streets of Shanghai in 2006 wearing a plain pair of espadrilles, recognised a kindred soul and exclaimed: ‘Citywalker!’.

Our espadrilles are digitally printed on high quality cotton canvas. They are made with a traditional jute base, but include an additional rubber sole for longevity and a padded insole for comfort.

Let your feet guide you on your adventures

Part of the Bitmap collection

A bitmap is a way of storing a digital image by compressing its elements. The prints in the Bitmap collection derive from this process of compression. The name is also a play on words: if one were to zoom out hundreds of times, one would find a photograph of an urban landscape. Bitmap thus acts not only as a map of a digital image, but a map of a real, physical place.