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Cuzco collection collection

Cuzco is comprised of 4 modular ‘poufs’ inspired by the famous Saksaywaman dry stone wall on the outskirts of Cuzco, Peru. The wall was made centuries ago, presumably by Incas. With no cement, each stone is cut perfectly into size, fitting together in a way that today’s technology wouldn’t be able to replicate.

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Inspired by these stones, the poufs take on geometric forms; incorporating 90-degree angles which allow them to be tables, corner tables, chairs. They have only one position were they form an interlocking figure – but when “broken” into 4 units they can be mixed to form endless combinations. 

 And they’re colourful too! Cuzco poufs are upholstered in Kvadrat’s much-loved wool Divina fabric with a contrast trim. Inspired by the bold natural dyes used in Quechua textiles, you can choose from bright and beautiful colours like blue, red, green and yellow. However, there are also custom options; clients can select any shade of the Divina 3 fabric, or mix and match.  

 Mix shape, mix colour, mix combinations; these poufs are our invitation to you, or customers and friends, to play and use your imagination. Build your own patterns in the colours you prefer. We hope you have fun!